There’s one single piece of advice that’s universal amongst all sleep experts and researchers. It’s to have a consistent bedtime and rising time. This can be frustrating to a modern-day lifestyle, where time freedom is highly valued. What if sleep timing actually could get people closer to their goals of…

Every human on the planet is born with a magic sleep number. This is the amount of sleep your brain needs to run all of its programs at night. It’s non-negotiable.

Think of a washing machine or a dishwasher.

What happens if you stop the laundry 20 minutes early? Or…

Someday I won’t trip over so many things on the floor.
But, those cute little shoes won’t be there anymore.
Someday the kitchen will be clean for hours all day.
But, I won’t share my meals with your sweet face.
Someday the hours will pass with nothing to do.
I’ll sit here and be missing…

Our sunflower, marigold & veggie babies bend toward the light every day, even if I spin their homes around.

I used to bend toward the light, by wanting more energy, more time awake, more time for life!


These days, I am still pulled toward the light, in the form…

Easy there lady.
Be gentle with me.
I have dozens of muscles you see.
Fifteen extending you all day long.
Extending while you move along.
You go through your day, we hold you up high.
We appreciate when you pause and rest for awhile.
Line us up tall so we do less work.
That way we also feel less hurt.
Lay us down to rest on the ground.
Then we can keep moving you around.
A deep breath also settles us down.
Relaxing your jaw helps us too.
Drop it down and let her loose.
Thanks for the pauses, massages, and love.
So we can keep rising up high above.

My sleep study experience was the making of a creepy Halloween movie. The late October full moon glowed through my car windows as I drove across town, car packed with all my sleepover stuff. Pillows, blanket, eye mask, lavender oil, ear plugs, noise machine. I packed it all.

I figured…

Beverly Hosford

I’m a fitness writer, editor and educator. I love living in the mountains of Montana with my husband, son and two pups.

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