Early Dinner — Early Bedtime

  1. The behavioral reason is that the earlier you have dinner the earlier you can relax into evening activities and be ready for bed. Dinner sets the pace for the evening.
  2. The physiological reason is that digestion may compete with sleep processes. In short, it requires energy. Research shows that 12 hours without food in the body is ideal for optimal night time cell cleansing activities. Look up autophagy.
  • Plan meals for the entire week
  • Prep vegetables by rinsing and chopping ahead of time
  • Choose meals that have overlapping ingredients
  • Cook twice a week in a big batch and eat leftovers



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Beverly Hosford

Beverly Hosford

I’m a fitness writer, editor and educator. I love living in the mountains of Montana with my husband, son and two pups. www.BeverlyHosford.com