Resisting Darkness

Our sunflower, marigold & veggie babies bend toward the light every day, even if I spin their homes around.

I used to bend toward the light, by wanting more energy, more time awake, more time for life!


These days, I am still pulled toward the light, in the form of seeking what fills my cup and choosing activities that allow time to stand still.

However, I now shy away from the dark less than before. I still want everything life has to offer, but I trust that what happens when I sleep is part of vitality and abundance.

I trust darker emotions like grief, anger and sadness as messengers that deserve attention and will lead me back to the light once they have run their course. I’m learning to hold light and darkness in my life.
There is a letting go that happens at night. We are no longer doing. The brain takes over and our bodies can rest. Sleep always felt good to me, yet I resisted it. I had more control during the day. Now I put my faith into it and am more at peace.

There is value in a good cry or acknowledging strong emotions in a safe space. Crying is release. Jogging through anger moves it through.
What about you? Can you lean into both the light and dark? Do you want to?

If you struggle with stress, sleep or setting aside time to sleep, check out the Sleep Soundly Program. With or without coaching, it can lead you to the light.

P.S. Watching these little green leaves expand every day is inspiring, it instills hope in me. It makes me smile. It is life. My wish is that you find ways that bring light in and embrace the darkness too.

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Beverly Hosford

I’m a fitness writer, editor and educator. I love living in the mountains of Montana with my husband, son and two pups.